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What People Are Saying

Jasmine Way

Cortnie is so much more than a midwife- she's a teacher, a caregiver, and she really does treat her clients like family. Cortnie is so much more than a midwife- she's a teacher, a caregiver, and she really does treat her clients like family. While the first birth can be scary and confusing, she made it an empowering experience for me...

She truly believes in what she is doing. Her passion and commitment show through every call, text, and visit. She gave me the confidence I needed to begin the journey of motherhood, and I'm so glad she was there for the first step.
And not to mention the postpartum care!!! I love that she takes the time to send texts regularly, checking in with my daughter and my own emotional/physical well-being. She also doesn't hesitate to answer my silly questions and make me feel better about my new-mom fears.
I am so happy I chose Cortnie to be my midwife. She has so much respect for the mother and family which was apparent from the first appointment all the way to the day my daughter was born.

N Fraser

When our birth changed course unexpectedly, her quick thinking and knowledgeable approach meant life-saving action for our baby...

Cortnie’s respect for the birthing individual is such a blessing; she truly has a passion for birth and it shines through in her attentive care. Having her along on our journey was like walking hand-in-hand with a new friend, when I badly needed female support. When our birth changed course unexpectedly, her quick thinking and knowledgeable approach meant life-saving action for our baby. I would recommend her for anyone seeking prenatal, birthing, or postpartum assistance! Women like her are what we need in the field of Midwifery.

Alix Scott

Cortnie made our home birth a really beautiful experience. We transferred to her care at 37 weeks but I wish I had been able to see her my whole pregnancy...

She is truly one of the most loving, caring, and delightful human beings I've ever met. I highly recommend her and her team.

Gwenie D

She made me feel comfortable and safe in every way and that is what ultimately led me to have the incredibly beautiful birth this time around. She made me feel like I was her only client. She was warm and welcoming, honest, open-minded and compassionate. she was very meticulous and is an excellent communicator. She answered all of my questions clearly and was never bothered by them. Cortnie is an incredible midwife that I HIGHLY recommend! I would definitely use her again. She went the extra mile for me and I will forever be grateful to her for giving me the most amazing home birthing experience imaginable!

Jacy Graves

Cortnie was our midwife supporting us through our first pregnancy and home birth. Initially I was very hesitant about hiring a midwife. I really wanted to have a free birth at home with just my partner and I...

Understandably, my partner desired some guidance and assurance from someone more experienced than us. We interviewed several midwives and Cortnie stuck out as the most empathetic and understanding. She encouraged us to be fully involved through all of the care and preparation. She respected my wishes to be as hands-off as possible while still being thorough and honest. Finding a midwife so devoted to her clients and work was such a blessing. I never had to question if she was doing what was best for ME or for an institution. Her passion and care was invaluable and it was a huge privilege to birth my first child with her support🙏🏼

Neil Mezache

We found Cortnie passed 20 weeks into our pregnancy which was a huge blessing. She was very relaxed with us and understanding of our needs throughout...

Cortnie is extremely dedicated to her work and professional about holding space for our thoughts and concerns. She handled any minor or potentially major complications like a pro and we would hire her again for future births! Thank you so much, Cortnie for being part of the most special time of our lives ❤️

Irina Benne

I interviewed Cortnie very early into my pregnancy. Right off the bat, I realized she would be someone who I would be comfortable sharing my pregnancy and labor with. She immediately connected me with a few doulas who she has worked with in the past. As we began our journey together, I looked forward to each and every visit...

She supported me in so many ways: with supplementation, with resources, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, assuring the health of my baby. She responded to each concern, question, hesitation, and question of me being a first time mom. On the day of my labor, she stayed with me until the end of the day and made sure I was alright and confident for the day’s to come. I never expected the support I also received postpartum. She went above and beyond with her gifts and care packages as well. I highly recommend Cortnie for a homebirth experience. I loved everything about mine!

Liz Glosner

Cortnie was wonderful to have by my side during my first pregnancy. I had so many questions and she was always fast to answer them. The prenatal visits always put my mind at ease. The natural birth I had planned on ended up being an unplanned and quick c section, but Cortnie was still there supporting me and my husband during and after birth. Her help and support was invaluable especially to a first time mom who had no idea what to expect.

Amanda Rodenborg

I interviewed Cortnie originally looking for an inclusive doula for a hospital birth. As a queer first time mom, it was important to me to have an ally on my team. At 41 (42 at birth), an IVF mom, and living in a larger body, I never imagined I'd find a midwife enthusiastic to take me on as a homebirth client. Cortnie let me know I could have a healthy pregnancy and that she would support me birthing at home. I was so wonderfully cared for through months of prenatal visits, which were so much more thorough and intimate than my 15 minutes with an OBGYN...

Cortnie cared for my health and well-being, as well as baby, and checked in with my spouse - caring for us as a family and answering our questions, prepared for every concern. I didn't end up with the homebirth I wanted, but I wouldn't change any of our time with Cortnie, and plan to hire her again should we have a second baby. Her postpartum care in the midst of a pandemic was priceless. Throughout my pregnancy, with Cortnie on our side, I felt I had the resources, knowledge, and strength to have an empowered birth experience, and I did. Even though it didn't quite go as planned, I'd do it all again.

Aniko Zala

Cortnie has been an incredible midwife through our prenatals, birth, and postpartum appointments. A wealth of knowledge, she's been quick to respond to questions through text or email and if she didn't know something herself she'd connect us with resources again and again...

I appreciated the depth and breadth of her knowledge, care, patience, and flexibility. She really took time with us, asking us many questions and truly listening so she could best support us and the birth experience we wanted. She understands undisturbed birth. At ours she somehow seamlessly balanced my autonomy with her suggestions and expertise. I fully trusted her and knew that she trusted me and my body.  We had the most amazing birth-- far beyond what I had hoped for as I prepared and dreamed and that is largely because of Cortnie. I am so grateful for her and the work she does. I cannot recommend her enough.

Hope With Substance

Having Cortnie as my midwife gave me an experience I didn’t know I needed. I let my babies guide me when choosing midwives and I knew for sure we had to choose her. From the time we met to the moments we shared intimately as midwives and clients do, there was a growing relationship that was there not just for me but for my family...

We knew when she walked through our door for our prenatal visits, we didn’t have to have things in order. My daughters were able to be closely involved. Cortnie taught them and us all about what was going on. She even let them use her tools to hear their brother’s heartbeat and measure my growing belly. She is a great influence for my children to see what midwifery should look like. I was welllllllll taken care of during my pregnancy. I think her packages are GENIUS. When doing our jobs we should have our hearts in them and that’s how I feel Cortnie does. I felt so supported and head strong. It’s easy to talk to Cortnie. She made sure I was cared for in postpartum just as much as prenatal AND birth. that for me really set it off. I haven’t experienced a really well cared for postpartum time until then. I can cry every time I think about how great my experience was. Forever going to treasure our time with Cortnie as we celebrate his birthday each year going forward! Get you a Cortnie in your life. you, your baby, and your family will thank you for it.

Emily J

I transferred to a home birth with Cortnie when I was 38 weeks pregnant and it was the best decision ever! Covid became a thing a week before contacting her, so we did a video call to get to know each other and discuss anything I had questions about. After our first call, I knew we had to have her! She was so relaxed and listened to everything I had to ask or say...

Cortnie made every at home prenatal visit so comfortable and exciting, we looked forward to every appointment! She responded to my texts right away and gave me many things to do to prepare my body for birth. By the time we had our second prenatal visit I felt like we knew her my entire pregnancy. The day I went into labor she checked in on me, checked mine and baby’s heart rates throughout contractions and made sure the birthing tub was ready for me by the time I was 7cm. Simply having her present for my birth was so nice and reassuring. She let me be in control of everything, it was amazing. Once our baby boy was here, she still responded to texts quickly and would come to our home for post partum visits. We were so sad once the last visit came to an end, she made everything so much fun. This was my first baby and it was the best experience because of her! She’s passionate, kind, caring and funny which is everything you need for a home birth. I will definitely be calling her when we’re pregnant with our next baby.

Nicole Forry

I first met Cortnie when I was 33 weeks pregnant with my daughter, at the time, I was looking to get a doula to help during my first child birth. Financially I couldn’t afford the services, so I thanked her for our free consultation and went about life. Four years past and I became pregnant with my son. I was only about 4 weeks along but knew I wanted a home birth. I wasn’t aware that Cortnie was a certified midwife, but something in my head just kept telling me to search her name. Low and behold, I found Birthing Instinct. It was Cortnie!!! We had our first consultation in the comfort of my home and we slowly went over concerns, questions and I was filled with so much excitement that she was going to be my care giver for the next 9 months. The home visits we filled with genuine care, and precise care for me and my baby. Not only did she include me in the process, she let my four year old daughter help with our prenatal visits. Everything was very smooth during my pregnancy, I worked out till about 31 weeks and Cortnie was very proactive with my development and actively making sure I was eating and drink appropriately...

I did not have any concerns with my health during anytime, until due date came around and NOTHING was happening! This was very nerve racking to me because my daughter was early, and here I sat just anxiously waiting my next babies arrival. Cortnie’s visits we more frequent, and comforting. She took the time to send me multiple articles of moms who had home births after 40 weeks, along with birth stories to read to help relax my mind. This helped! Yet still, we reached 42 weeks and still no sign of baby. At this point I felt defeated and felt like the home birth I dreamed of and prepared was DUST! Along with chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy, from SoZo family Chiropractic, Cortnie suggested acupuncture to help get something started. We talked about other means, but acupuncture felt the best and most relaxing for me at that time. I visited Pinned Acupuncture Tuesday afternoon, that earlymorning at 2 am things started rolling! All throughout my labor process Cortnie was in constant contact, around 4 pm she came to check on me with her fellow midwife Katie. She asked to check my dilation and found I wasn’t quite 4 cm. She recommended a trip to Sozo to get a quick adjustment for an even smoother delivery. The crazy woman in me said let’s do it, with contractions getting closer together we made it home at 6pm from the chiropractor, pool was set up and we were ready for baby to arrive. At 9pm my beautiful baby boy was born in water. Cortnie was there every step of the way, every concern and every change she was always calm and positive. She let me birth my baby the way I wanted to!Flash forward to the post partum care! I mean, if you want a woman that’s going to look out for you EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY, you want Cortnie! The baby well checks were so gentle, relaxing and not filled with waiting at a doctors office. I was able to relax and heal my body and not worry about leaving the house.I was not producing and baby boy was loosing weight. We supplemented with donated breast milk from a couple local moms, but here’s the best part. Cortnie drove to Dayton to pick up over 1000 ounces of BM for my son! She also went with me to my lactation consultation, to gain more knowledge and help me through the breastfeeding process.The post partum care, prenatal, information, herbal supplements, post partum care packages and overall love of what she does makes her my recommendation to every mom thinking of home birth! I feel like words can’t describe the care she gives, but she is not only my midwife, she is now a friend. You can’t find better care than that!

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Phet Vong

Cortnie was very great to work with from the start. From the prenatal appointments to the whole birthing day, we had great support.

Kristyn Livorno

Cortnie was our doula for my first birth in 2016 and our midwife for my second birth in 2020. It was so nice to be familiar with her and know that she now has even more knowledge and abilities as a midwife! As a doula, she gave us so much information so that we would know exactly what to expect during our hospital birth, and I was able to create a birth plan that was non-invasive and felt very comfortable with my choices.The second time around, I just wanted a calm homebirth in my tub, and I knew this was possible because of all of the care she provided during my first pregnancy and birth...

She is very passionate about helping women both during pregnancy and during the postpartum period. No matter what questions or concerns you may have, she is readily available to answer them and to make you feel confident and protected. Being able to send her a text whenever the need arises for months takes a lot of worry and negative energy away and allows you to be level headed and at ease which is better for both you and baby (and significant others)! She even took the time to make our son feel like he was a part of the process by letting him touch the instruments and ask him about his feelings. She helps you to feel empowered with your choices, as well, which is something you don’t realize the importance of until issues arise!I went into labor two weeks early, and both my early and active labor phases were shorter than usual for me (just like with my first birth). Cortnie was at another birth during this time (this never happens according to so many!), but she had an amazing doula and midwife arrive right as I was ready to begin pushing! I was in good hands and protected even though things did not go as planned. It is nice that she has connections and people who care just as much about your birth available to help! It ultimately was the perfect birth experience for me, which is wonderful to be able to say.Since the birth, Cortnie has helped to make the transition with an infant much easier than just being let go from the hospital and immediately being on your own! She even had a large amount of healthy and delicious food delivered to our house, which was such a nice surprise! It is nice to feel valued and cared for during this time when most are only concerned about how baby is doing.She is now even more of a friend to our family, and I have two healthy children because of her care and commitment! With so much changing in the healthcare industry and during this interesting time, midwives are so essential. We are so thankful to have had these experiences with Cortnie and think you will be too!

Camilla Norwick Eye

Before we conceived baby #2, we talked about everything we wanted and needed in a birth. After our first consultation with Cortnie, we knew we wanted her to be a part of this! Throughout our pregnancy, she was a calm and constant presence...

Answering questions, recommending resources, and providing books from her library on anything and everything. She made tea that helped with my morning sickness and heartburn and brought refills any time I needed. She left us a fetoscope and taught us how to use it, our 4 year old loved finding baby's heart beat as much as we did. During our appointments (all at our house) she made sure to include our daughter and built a relationship with her as well.When I was in labor Cortnie checked in with me and was at our house minutes after my husband called. She brought some humor and a relaxed mood along with her, I felt so ready to have the baby and was so happy to have her support. She trusted my natural labor progression, and provided counter pressure during every contraction during active labor which greatly facilitated my ability to focus on breathing. She was able to suggest laboring positions and techniques my husband could utilize to support me as well. During our prenatal checks she asked me what I was worried about or nervous about, and made sure to be extra attentive during those times.After our son was born Cortnie made sure our room was back to normal and that we were both comfortable and healthy. She checked in with us often and came for several home visits in the weeks after birth, with food/ memories/ and more resources to make our postpartum period perfect. This whole experience was magical, and I felt so empowered birthing my baby exactly how I envisioned with my family present and the most amazing and knowledgeable midwife. I can not put in to words how much we loved and appreciated having Cortnie throughout our whole journey.

Megan Key

Cortnie has been a part of our birthing journey since our now 5 year old was a belly dweller. From doula to midwife- the experience we’ve had with Cortnie has been wonderful. Our recent birth with her was a much needed respite from the stressful, pressured standard care model we experienced in our first two births. The mother and baby first care Cortnie provided helped our little one come Earthside in the best possible scenario. My best birthing experience ever!

Cortnie’s attentiveness and ability to trust me as a pregnant and birthing mother enabled me to be present with myself and children right up until baby made their entrance. When labor suddenly geared up and baby came within minutes, Cortnie’s calm, ready-for-anything approach was truly appreciated. Labor didn’t go as I expected, but it was amazing exactly how it happened thanks to her steady guidance and care. When baby had a huge scare at 4 days old, Cortnie showed up and truly let us know that not only were both baby and I genuinely cared for, but also the rest of my family. Her practice goes beyond expected well woman care checks and showing up for birth- it’s heartfelt and nurturing. Having Cortnie as our midwife was exactly what birthing support should be— open, honest, nurturing, holistic, and most importantly, empowering.

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