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Labor & Birth Support

"Deep within every woman is the ability to birth. When she has confidence in her own abilities, the encouragement and freedom to tap into her innate wisdom, and has the loving support of family, friends and professionals who believe this too, she will truly have a satisfying birth experience." - Gerri Ryan

I believe that birth is a profound rite of passage that every person who gives birth should be able to experience with being surrounded by options, love, and support. To witness individuals give birth in a manner that affirms their dignity and power and to see babies born in an environment that honors their being is a high honor. I believe in birth. I believe when the birthing person is given a supportive and safe environment they are more able to tap into their instinctual wisdom and birth unhindered. I pledge to do my very best for you, to be alert and attentive to all aspects of your well-being, and to do my utmost to see that your child emerges into an atmosphere that is nurturing for the whole family

What Labor Could Look Like

  • Birth prep home visit at 36 weeks 

  • Continuous care and support during labor, birth, and the first 3-6 hours after birth

  • Optional water birth (free use of tub)

  • Support for clients or family members to catch their own baby

  • Referrals as needed

  • Continuous support in the event of hospital transport

  • Postpartum support for birthing parent and baby

We bring the standard equipment to a birth that is seen in most low-risk labor and delivery rooms. We bring resuscitation equipment, equipment to monitor the baby and more. We ask you to compile supplies around your home from a list I supply. As well as order a birth kit through Precious Arrows which can be purchased here.

***i am a Certified Professional Midwife with an emphasis on traditional home birth and midwifery. i support and welcome ALL births and strive to preserve the physiological birth process.

****repeat clients always welcome*

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