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This Is Me

***i am a Certified Professional Midwife with an emphasis on traditional home birth and midwifery. i support and welcome ALL births and strive to preserve the physiological birth process.

****repeat clients always welcome*

My journey into birth support began when I was just five years old. My mother was in labor at home, and I sat next to her with my honeycomb watch that I had gotten out of a box of cereal as a prize. I timed her labor pings and felt incredibly important using my math skills to figure out the duration and frequency of them so my mom could focus and go deeper into her labor. Most of my memories of early childhood have faded but that day with the honeycomb watch is embedded forever in my mind. Years later my mother invited me into the labor room to witness the birth of another sibling. What she thought would scare me only cemented my feelings about being a mother. How could bringing a new life into this world be scary? From that point forward I knew I wanted a big family and to dedicate my life to mothering those who welcomed me. The devotion i have to my family has shaped me into the birth worker I am today. The same deep love, support, and connection I try to have with my children I want to share with every woman who crosses paths with me. I am honoured to have served so many women and families thus far. It is not easy to bring a complete stranger into such a sacred intimate moment. But those who have blessed me with this opportunity have become more to me than just a client. We are family.

I don't believe everyone should have a baby at home. You should have a baby where you feel the safest, the most secure, and most protected. But I do believe the best medicine for a person in labor is continuous care. It makes your labor shorter and your impression of your birth better. Choose a team that makes you feel secure. 

Education, Trainings and Certifications
Birth Intuit since 2014



  • Co-hosted, Mercy in Action Midwifery Assistant Class                     

  • Audited Hypnobirthing 

  • ​Spinning Babies

  • VBACfacts 

  • Rebozo Technique Gina Kirby Method

  • Hazelbaker Institute Breastfeeding Doula Labor                                                                                                                                             

Birth Experience Includes                

  • Home Birth, Birth Center, and Hospital 

  • Breech

  • Twins

  • VBAC Support 

  • Miscarriage 

  • Loss

  • Abortion Support

  • Water Birth

  • Medicated and Unmedicated Birth  

  • Interventive and Non-Interventive Birth 

  • Cesarean Birth 

  • High-Risk Birth   

  • Gentle/Family Centered Cesarean Support 

  • TOLAC and planned Cesarean Support 

  • Home birth transfer 

  • Gestational Diabetes 

  • Dismissal from care provider


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